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IMPORTANT: If there is a fire in the mountains near the cabin, GET OUT IMMEDIATELY! Go the Appendix in the Operating Manual which shows maps of the area. Take the maps with you. If you plan on driving out, take bolt cutters from the first area below the cabin (they should be hanging on the west side of the work bench). If the fire is blocking the main access road, use the maps to find an alternate route.

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Useful related websites: Town of Tehachapi National Weather Service Kern County Website The Kern County site is very powerful mapping site.

Welcome to the Website of the George Choate Putnam Memorial Association (GCPMA)!

GCPMA was established by the descendants of George Choate Putnam in his honor and to the manage assets associated with land purchased by him in the Tehachapi Mountains in California, including a wonderful cabin built by him and his family. GCPMA is a "non-profit-mutual-benefit corporation," established under the laws of California. Find out more by cruising through our web pages listed above.

The above kangaroo mouse image, the GCPMA logo, is from a scan of a linoleum block "stamp" made by George when he was fourteen years old.

The following text best describes GCPMA. It is from the corporation by-laws, which can be found in full text in the "Legal Documents" subpage of the "About GCPMA" page.

The George Choate Putnam Memorial Association was established to ensure that the Tehachapi property, the cabin and the associated heritage is maintained forever. From the corporate Bylaws, the primary objectives and purposes of the Association are:

Checklists to open and close the cabin:
When You Arrive: Go to Operations/Use & Maintenance/Operating Manual
When You Leave: Go to Operations/Use & Maintenance/Operating Manual

Use these forms to apply for membership to GCPMA:
Applicant / Member Information Sheet
Application for Membership Form

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